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Pre-Press   |   Press  |  Post-Press

Urvashi Printers has state of the art facilities for Pre-Press, Press and Post-Press under one roof.

We have automated global standard setup for right from Designing, Proofing, CTP, Printing, Coating, Lamination, Die Cut to Post Printing Finishing.

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170810_Prensa 8P  b_06.jpg
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It is the heart of printing process. A good design instantly appeals to the eye. Prinergy Evo is a PDF-based WORKFLOW used to organise pre-press and plate by production requirements of commercial printers. State of the art CTP system adds tremendous value to the overall production.

PIPL’s well equipped pre-press set-up includes -

  • Amsky AUSETTER U864

  • Hengyu HY-PSU-900

  • Apple Mac & PC Workflow

  • Dell Server

  • Ricoh B/w Production Printer

  • Epson Stylus Pro 7890 Inkjet Printer


Our printing section is very much capable enough to turn ideas into pictures. Machines are complementary to pre-press section.

Our world class machines include -

  • Heidelberg SM-102-8P5 Eight color printing machine
    size - 28” x 40”

  • Heidelberg SM-102-4 Four color printing machine
    size - 28” x 40”

  • Heidelberg SM-102-4 Four color printing machine
    size - 28” x 40”

  • Orient Coldset  Four color web printing machine
    size - 578 cutsize


The finishing of the final product, however well designed and well printed, depends upon post press section. We have a wide array of machinery suitable for all kinds of finishing operations. Our speciality is making cartons, book binding, be it soft bound, section sewing or hard bound.

  • Horizon Paper Folding Machine

  • GUK Paper Folding Machine

  • Polar 115 45" Programme Cutting Machine

  • Perfecta-SDY 2 Three Knife Trimmer

  • Polar EMC 115  45” Programme Cutting Machine

  • Muller Martini 321 Six Station Online Stitching Machine

  • Wellbound Six Clamp Perfect Binding Machine

  • Thermal Lamination Machine

  • UV Coating & Curing Machine

  • Wiro Machine

  • Index Machine

  • Shrink Wrapping Machine

  • Strapping Machine

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